The last post how do we make money through the nternet

I’m busy tired, do not want to go to the forum to send a lot of post, maybe I was recently in the last post, I read the posts of people may think I am the person has a sharp tongue, oh it’s not even that. I also like to do domestic Affiliate Marketing, or that is “Wangzhuan”, we are able to earn a lot of money. But for a long time, I still see the post when it was distasteful to visitors, those who click fraud or deliberately mislead the novice who also asked for many post only low-level issues, to post praise others, but no action of the new “mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng”, so a join the forum immediately wrote so few posts, I hope to help novice, as for what you can read from my several posts, it is mixed. Since this may be the last post in the near future, I also hope that the tone of peace, to encourage new people.