13 Okinawa Island Beaches With White Sand And Sparkling Waters

first_imgPicture courtesy of Miyakojima LibraryYonahamaehama Beach in Miyakojima stretches for seven kilometers and is said to have the whitest sand in the Pacific. The shallow of the beach is beautifully transparent and you can see the island of Kurimajima, nine kilometers in circumference, across the water. The 1690-meter bridge that stretches across to Kurimajima is the longest on Miyakojima.Yonahamaehama BeachAddress: Okinawa, Miyakojima, Shimojiyonaha 1199 Google MapAccess: 15 minutes from Miyako Airport by carHomepage: Miyako11. Ishigakijima Sunset Beach (Ishigaki Island) Picture courtesy of OCVBSunset Beach at Chatanchoumihama, bustling with young people, is a popular hangout for locals. As the name implies, the sight of the setting sun is quite romantic. The nearby shopping mall and onsen facility let you enjoy more than just the beach. The Ferris wheel at the shopping mall is also famous.Sunset BeachAddress: Okinawa, Nakagami, Chatanchoumihama 2 Google MapAccess: From Naha Airport, one hour via airport limousine bus (800 yen), get off at The Beach Tower OkinawaHomepage: Sunset BeachRecommended Beaches on Okinawa Island (South Area)7. Bibi Beach Itoman Manza BeachManza Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Okinawa, is located on the ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort known for its clear blue waters. With parasailing, diving and other activities, the beach is patronized by many visitorsManza BeachAddress: Okinawa, Kunigami, Onna-son, Serakaki 2260Google MapAccess: From Naha Airport, 80 minutes by car. 100 minutes via airport limousine bus (1700 yen).Homepage: ANA Intercontinental2. Emerald Beach Naha Airport: Basic Information on Facilities and Access to the City Great Beaches In Japan And Tips For Swimming In Summer 3. Okuma Beach Picture courtesy of OCVBAt Ishigakijima Sunset Beach, you can get your fill of nature. With fish and squid swimming about in the clear waters, you can enjoy here snorkeling, too. The shower, toilet, and changing facilities are available for 500 yen (250 yen for children). There are also plenty of places to eat as well as rental shops nearby.Ishigakijima Sunset BeachAddress: Okinawa, Ishigaki, Hirakubo 234-323 Google MapAccess: 40 minutes from Shin-Ishigaki Airport by carHomepage: https://www.i-sb.jp/?lang=en12. Kondoi Beach (Taketomi Island) Picture courtesy of Taketomi Tourist AssociationNishihama Beach is on the southernmost inhabited island in Japan, Hateruma Island, and is notable for its Hateruma Blue waters. One hour from Ishigaki Island by high-speed ferry, in the evening the crimson sun sinks into the sea, and at night a perfect starry sky spreads out. We suggest spending a night here to enjoy the scenery.Nishihama Beach (Hateruma Beach)Address: Okinawa, Shimajiri, Zamami, Aka Google MapAccess: 15 minutes from Hateruma Port on foot. One hour from Ishigaki Island to Hateruma by high-speed ferry (3,550 yen)Homepage: http://www.painusima.com/haterumajimaEnjoy the Best of OkinawaOkinawa has a unique culture, traditions and food, in addition to its magnificent beaches. Plan to spend a day on the beach or go sightseeing, and enjoy Okinawa to the fullest.*Prices are current as of June 2019, and are subject to change.Read also Picture courtesy of ZamamiFuruzamami Beach is a beach with clear blue waters, 50-70 minutes from Naha by high-speed ferry. In addition to snorkeling, diving, and other activities, we recommend trying the kayaking. Look into the sea and you can see coral and tropical fish. From May 17, 2018, some areas have been made off-limits for swimming due to coral conservation. Be sure to check where you can swim when you arrive. Visitors who love the ocean and want to fully enjoy their time can camp and stay in cottages on the island.Furuzamami BeachAddress: Okinawa, Shimajiri, Zamami, Zamami 1743 Google MapAccess: From Naha Tomari port, take the high-speed Queen Zamami ferry for 50-70 minutes (3,140 yen). The Ferry Zamami is 90-120 minutes (2,120 yen). Click for details.Homepage: http://www.vill.zamami.okinawa.jp/10. Yonahamaehama Beach (Miyakojima) Picture courtesy of OCVBBibi Beach Itoman, in front of the Southern Beach Hotel, has excellent access from the airport. There are places to barbecue along the beachside, and there are services which can provide you with appropriate equipment and ingredients. Twice a day, you can visit the uninhabited island of Ukaha, where there are whale fossils, on an adventure tour.Bibi Beach ItomanAddress: Okinawa, Itoman, Nishizaki 1-6-15 Google MapAccess: From the Naha Bus Terminal Yui Rail Akamine Ekimae stop, take Okinawa Bus 89 on the Itoman Line (25 minutes, 450 yen). Get off at Itoman and take a taxi for five minutes or walk for 40 minutes.Homepage: Bibi Beach Itoman8. Azama Sansan Beach Picture courtesy of OCVBAzama Sansan Beach, next to the Azama Port in Nanjo City, is famous with locals and tourists alike due to its clear waters and white sand. It is also replete with marine sports like banana boating, half-pipes, and Big Mable boating. It feels great to experience the thrill of gliding over beautiful waters at high speed.Azama Sansan BeachAddress: Okinawa, Nanjo, Chinen Azama 1141-3 Google MapAccess: From Naha Airport, 50 minutes by car. From Naha Bus Terminal, one hour on Toyo Bus 38, get off at the Azama Sansan Beach stop (780 yen).Homepage: AzamaBeaches on Uninhabited Islands9. Furuzamami Beach on Zamami Island Original writer: Sawada Tomomi*This article was rewritten from the original version on 2016/7/28. Okinawan Beaches, Highly-Regarded for their Beauty Picture courtesy of OCVBZanpa Beach is near a steep 30-meter cliff, the Zanpa Cape. The cobalt blue sea is very impressive. While small, you can enjoy marine sports like riding water scooters.Zanpa BeachAddress: Okinawa, Nakagami, Yomitanson, Uza 1933 Google MapAccess: From Naha Bus Terminal to Yomitan Bus Terminal, 90 minutes by bus (1080 yen), 30 minutes from Yomitan Bus Terminal on footHomepage: Yomitan5. Moon Beach Come See The Whale Sharks At The Churaumi Aquarium Kondoi Beach, Taketomi IslandOkinawa’s original scenery still remains on Taketomi Island, with rows of homes with red brick roofs and oxcarts in the streets. Kondoi Beach has clear waters and calm waves in the shallows, making it popular with families. Kaiji Beach is five minutes away by car, with star-shaped sand particles created by the beach. Go searching for the star sand after you’ve enjoyed a dip!Kondoi BeachAddress: Okinawa, Yaeyama, Taketomi, Taketomi Google MapAccess: 43 minutes on foot from Taketomi Higashi Port, 12 minutes by rental cycle. 10-20 minutes from Taketomi to Ishigaki by high-speed ferry (600 yen)13. Nishihama Beach (Hateruma Island) The Beautiful Sunayama Beach on Miyakojima Island, Okinawa Picture courtesy of OCVBEmerald Beach is located in Kaiyohaku Park, next to the popular Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. The beach has white sandy beaches, and just like the name, the emerald green sea stretches out across the horizon. At beachfront stores, you can rent items like parasols and life preservers.You can use the showers for free. Of course, you can take a dip in the water, but it’s beautiful even to just gaze at the ocean. Be sure to drop by after you’ve been to the aquarium.Emerald BeachAddress: Okinawa, Motobucho, Ishikawa 424 (inside Kaiyohaku Park) Google MapAccess: From Naha Airport, two hours by car (on the highway). Two hours and 15 minutes via airport limousine bus (2500 yen), get off at the Kinen Koen bus stop.Homepage: KaiyohakuRead also Spend your vacation on a sandy beach in Okinawa PrefectureOkinawa is a prominent Japanese resort area, blessed with a warm climate throughout the year. There are many beautiful, world-renowned beaches on Okinawa’s islands. The peak temperature in March and April is around 20-25°C or 68-77°F, and some days can hit up to 30°C or 86°F, even in October. The beaches open on different days, so check in advance for some peace of mind.Continue reading to learn thirteen recommended beaches in Okinawa, how to best enjoy them, and how to get to them via car and public transportation.Okinawa Island (Northern Area)1. Manza Beach Picture courtesy of OCVBOkuma Beach is a beach with natural white sand stretching for one kilometer. This is a beach where you can spend the day playing in the sand with family and take in a gorgeous sunset in the evening.OkumaAddress: Okinawa, Motobu, Kunimura, Okuma 913 Google MapAccess: From Naha Airport, 100 minutes by car (on the highway). Highway Bus [111] bound for the Nago Bus Terminal, and switch at the Nago Bus Terminal. Okinawa Bus [67] Hentona Line bound for Hentona Bus Terminal, get off at Okuma Beach stop. Three and a half hours (3,140 yen).Homepage: OkumaOkinawa Island (Central Area)4. Zanpa Beach Ways To Travel From Tokyo To Okinawa! A Thorough Comparison Picture courtesy of OCVBAttached to Hotel Moon Beach, Moon Beach got its name from its bow shape resembling a crescent moon. The roughly 350 palm trees and the natural sandy white beach allows its visitors to enjoy a tropical feeling. You can also reserve a picnic tour at Hotel Moon Beach on the uninhabited island of Yo. In addition to snorkeling and barbecuing, you can enjoy relaxing in a swaying hammock.Moon BeachAddress: Okinawa, Motobu, Onnason, Maeganeku 1203 Google MapAccess: From Naha Airport, 50 minutes by car. 65 minutes by airport limousine bus (1,500 yen), get off at Hotel Moon Beach.Homepage: Moon Beach6. Sunset Beach Okinawa Travel Guide: Access, Weather, And Beacheslast_img